The Church Trustees

The Trustees of the Church have three (3) member nominated by the Body of Deacons and in consultation with the Senior Pastor and approved by the Church.

Functions of the Trustees

  1. Exercise authority over all properties of the church
  2. Sign all legal documents involving the sale, mortgage, purchase or rental of property or other legal documents on the authority of the Church.

In the performance of their duties, the Trustees cannot sell, purchase, exchange, assign or effect any other disposition of the immovable property of the Church without the express authority of the Church by a resolution of not less than three-quarters (3/4) of the members present at the general meeting who are entitled to vote.

The Current Members of the Trustees are:

  1. Dan Annan, Chairman
  2. Godfried Ardayfio
  3. Hilda K. Vulley