The Church Advisory Council

The Church Advisory Council is made up of seven (7) members. These include:

  1. The Senior Pastor (Chairman),
  2. The Associate Pastor
  3. The Head of Administration
  4. The Chairman of the Body of Deacons and
  5. 5 other members nominated by the Senior Pastor in consultation with the Body of Deacons namely:
    1. Representative of Board of Trustees,
    2. Financial Management Specialist,
    3. Business Entrepreneur Specialist,
    4. Legal Specialist,
    5. Human Resource Management Specialist, and
    6. other co-opted members to ensure age and gender balance.

Functions of the Church Advisory Council

  1. Church Advisory Council advises the Senior Pastor on the following in relation to the Calvary Baptist Family:
    1. Policy Formulation in relation to human, financial and physical resources.
    2. Planning of Programs and Projects.
    3. Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation of Plans, Policies, Programs and Projects.
  2. In the performance of these functions the Church Advisory Council also advices the Senior Pastor by receiving information on decision made, soliciting for information and initiating appropriate views for consideration with regard to:
    1. Church objectives and goals,
    2. Action Plans for attaining the above goals,
    3. Use of resources for attaining the objectives and goals and
    4. Any other matter referred to it by the Senior Pastor.

The Church Advisory Council’s function is purely advisory and not administrative. Actual implementation of plans is carried out by appropriate church organizations or committees.

Current Members of the Advisory Council are:

  1. Dr. Fred Deegbe (Senior pastor and Chairman)
  2. Dr. Joseph Agyei Mensah (Head, Department of Ministries)
  3. Jonas Blewuada (Head, Administration)
  4. Alfred Wuver (Chairman, Body of Deacons)
  5. Deacon Nene O. Amegatse (Legal Specialist)
  6. Frank Achampong (Business Entrepreneur Specialist)
  7. Dan Annan (Board of Trustees)
  8. Winfred Offei (Human Resource Management Specialist)
  9. Diana Mankwa (Finance)
  10. William Amoah (Planning)
  11. Maame Yaa Nyarko (Representing Interest of Children)
  12. Felix Laryea (Representing the Youth)