Satellite Churches

The departmental system of administration achieved a lot of successes. The most outstanding was the planting of satellite churches, which began in 1993, it was the Missions, Evangelism and Social Action Department in cooperation with the Zonal administration, led this process.  Each zone had a church planting task force made up of prayer and evangelistic teams and support ministries their focus was to establish one satellite congregation every other year. The church supported by proving pastors to care for satellites congregations.

The rapid growth of the church could not be contained in one location hence the need to start missions in different locations. About 10 missions were started in total. These were: CBC Adenta, CBC Teshie, CBC Awoshie, CBC Nungua, CBC Akotolante, CBC Mandela (later to be called CBC Lakeside), CBC Avenyokope, CBC Nsawam, CBC Aburi. Some of these missions also started daughter missions even before they got organized. CBC Awoshie started CBC Ablekuma, while CBC Nsawam started CBC Agenkotoku. By 2015 all the missions had been organized into autonomous independent churches.


By 1990, a significant number of Calvarians had relocated to Legon, Medina, Haatso , Adenta, Adenta Housing Down. This created a challenge to attend service at Adabraka especially Wednesday evening prayer meetings. This led the members concerned to start two separate Wednesday prayer meetings in the area instead of traveling to Adabraka.  They later, acquired space at the Gbewaa Conference Hall for all services and on 17th December, 1995.  In august 1999, the mission acquired a plot of land and started its own building. Two people were instrumental in this land acquisition they are Mr. Aaron Senanoo who was tireless in his efforts at chasing signatories for the land document. The second was Mrs. Margeret Gavor who was divinely placed to help the mission in this acquisition. Membership as at 2003 was 420.

This vibrant Mission was established and maintained by a large number of deacons, their families and others. They include a the following; Rev. George and Comfort Odoi, Pastor Martin and Christiana Abankwah, Deacons Christian Sottie, Peter Manful, Bernard Barnor and their families; as well as Deacons Charles Owusu, Joseph Barnor, Vincient Amuh, Elisabeth Hadjah , Albert Hansen, Josiah Acquah and Ben Gogo. The other member of the group was Alex Allotey.


On the 14th February 1993, was formally inaugurated. However, the process started earlier in 1990  when members of Sheepfolds living in Teshie / Nungua and Sakumono set in motion evangelism work which  included preparing a worship centre for the start of a new church. Those who worked hard for this achievement included Pastors Oliver Deegbe, Ben Torkonoo and Emkmanuel Annoh, Julius Aidam, Raymond Anum, Daniel Havim, Amaglo and Francis Bansah. The Mission in 2003 had 150 adult members 90 In the children Department with 14 sheepfolds.


In 1994 the Judah family held a breakfast meeting. This was followed by area meetings and retreats. The idea of building a mission at Awoshie received growing support and in 1995 a task force was put together in preparation towards this objective. Weekly prayer meetings were crowned with a crusade in 18th February 1997. In 2001 the Mission moved into their partly completed building. These achievements were made possible by pastors Emmanuel Narh, Agyenim Boateng, Brother William Mickson, Adu-Boahen and Eric Otchere,Others were Deacon and Mrs Godfred Ardayfio, Deacon and Mrs Victor Ghanasah, Mr, and Mrs Ntiamoah, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Annan, Mr. and Mrs.  Boi Doe and Evangelist Eugene Narh.


The Beginnings of the Crossroads Mission had no direct link with CBC. It was Pastor Dan Dartey with Brother Deling Dartey who started a fellowship with seven boys and girls at the Bukom Night Market in the later part of 1993. Fellowship activities and the sale of ‘Banku’ by one of the boys went together. The fellowship developed to the point where the idea of planting a church was conceived and shared with Evangelist Eugene Narh. Evangelist Narh at that time had a cinema ministry. Together they planned and implemented a successful three-week films crusade at the Bukom Square.

Eight months after its inception the church had difficulty in surviving financially. It was at this point that CBC accepted the offer to adopt it as her Mission. The church was formally inaugurated on 12th February 1994 at the Sempe Primary School. The Church was later relocated to Akotolante. The other leaders who helped establish the church are Deacons Caroline Adumuah, MadamEmma Chinery, Sister Pat Otoo, Mrs. Awushie Dartey Sister Florence Koley, Sister Victoria Acquaye, Brother Odoi, Sister Vida Armah, sister Jemima Blankson and Brother Adade.



Calvary Baptist Church In 1996 organized a crusade was in Nsawam and this resulted in the baptism of seventy – four people six months later. A mission was stared on 26th October, 1996 and a number of missionaries from Calvary took turns to support. A leadership team which consisted of Rev. Joseph Agyei Mensah, Mr. and Mrs. E.K Mensah as well as Mr.Paul Efum Aryeh and Mr. Christopher Boadi. Worship services were held in Nsawam Secondary School. The Mission acquired a plot of land on which a church auditorium and offices are constructed.

Towards the end of 1996, pastor and Mrs. Turkono began to host to cell meeting at their residence for Calvarias living in and around the Nungua area. Prayer meetings were held on Wednesday evenings then they started Sunday morning evangelism before attending worship service at Teshie Mission. Numbers increased and it became necessary to move the wednesday prayer meetings to Senajoy Preparatory School for a bigger space to accommodate the increased number of people who attended these meetings.

Among those who formed the leadership team were Pastor and Mrs. Ray Anum, Deacon and Deaconess Aidam, Mrs Rosemond Mahmoud Mrs Gloria Sunu, Mrs Lilith Enos, Mr and Mrs Amankeah-Poku, Mr. Joseph Nyampong, Mr. Martin Asifu, Miss Olivia Attah, Divine Agorhom and Francis Nyavor.

After months of hard work, the nungua mission was inaugurated on 5th January 1997. They purchased a plot of land and constructed a church building. In September 1999 the mission moved to their building. There were frequent changes in pastoral leadership and this affected the growth of the Mission. However, membership reached 360 by May 2002 with two permanent staff and two part-timers.


On 4th March 1997, a proposal to start a satellite church on the Akuapim Ridge was accepted by Calvary Baptist Adabraka. Adenta mission was encouraged to take responsibility of this project Through hard work the Aburi mission was inaugurated on 22 march 1998. Credit should be given to Pastor Texman Tandoh, Deacon Vincient Amuh, Dr. Amankrah and Mr. John Addo-adjei and  Mr. Stephen Adjei. Membership as at 2003 was 65adults, 60 children.


A survey conducted by the Awoshie mission in neighbouring Ablekuma  revealed that even though there were other religious denominations already established, the Baptist Church would be welcome addition . An outreach programme packed with evangelistic crusades resulted in the winning of souls and these constituted the members of a new mission at Ablekuma. The converts were organized and on 1st June 1997 the Ablekuma Mission was started.

Oversight was done by the Awoshie pastoral team until 1998 when Pastor Osei Agyeinim –Boateng was officially assigned as pastor in charge of the Ablekuma.  The Mission grew through the hard work of the Amakwahs, Madam Naomi Sakyi-john, the Rocksons anhd Mr Aggrey. A children’s Sunday school was started.



In 1998, Pastor Raynold Degadzor and Torgbui Adonoo both from Calvary Baptist Church decided to reach out to the people of Avornyokope, a small village in the Ga Rural District in the Greater Accra Region. This followed their awareness of the difficulties experienced by a Calvarian from Avornyokope, Madam Vicentia Avornyo, in attending services at Adabraka. Due to this difficulties,  She  started a  morning devotions with some few people in the village. Rev. Degadzor and Tourgbui Adonoo paid two visits to village. After a Bible study session during the second visit, the people agreed that church services should be held for them on Sundays.

The official inauguration was 7th June 1998. A mission school was later established , to provide education for the children of the village, who hitherto had no access to formal schooling Through the ceaseless efforts of Francis Torgbui Adonoo.


In 2001, a fellowship of Calvarians was started at Dunkonah with the objective of planting a church. Wednesday evening meetings were held in the area. Mr and Mrs Achamfour offered their home as a meeting place during the initial phase of the Mission.

The leaders of Dunkonah project were Deacon Dr. Kwame Wiredu, Mr. Eddie Akotey and Mr. Emmanuel Boafo. Evangelism outreach increased as the months went by and gradually the Dunkonah prayer meeting matured into a Mission with Rev.  Tse Amable as its pastor