Our History

In 1964, a number of Southern Baptist Convention USA missionaries on secondment to the Ghana Baptist Mission were meeting regularly to fellowship at the residence of one of their members at Tesano, a suburb of Accra. These missionaries were made up of those who came from Nigeria such as Rev. & Mrs. Littleton and those who came directly from USA such as Miss Nadine Lovan from Kentucky, Rev. Gerald Carlin from Mississippi, Rev. Bond from Lousiana and M. Chase. These missionaries conducted bible studies in several schools in the Tesano community during the day and held their meetings in the evening as a small bible study and prayer group.

Initially they were joined by twelve (12) students who were not Baptist.  Among them were Martin Cudjoe, Ben Donkor, Emmanuel Adjartey (now Rev.)Mary Darmini and Margaret Andoh (now Mrs. Abena Manful) etc. There were only two Ghanaian adults in the group. They were Mrs. Francine Segbefia and Deacon N.E.  Obeng- all have passed on to glory. They were latter joined by Joseph Agyeman Duah, George Comodore,  George Mallet( now Rev. George Mallet – former pastor Victory Baptist at KNUST, principle,  Ghana Baptist Theological  Seminary, Kumasi and now the deputy senior pastor of Calvary Baptist Church).


In 1966, membership of the fellowship had grown to nineteen (19). With the increase in number, the church rented a building from Mrs. Ofuetey Cudjoe behind the P&T engineering Training School Tesano (now the Technology University College-Tesano). Initially, the garage of the building was used as the chapel, until latter when the church moved into the main building of the house. The church was named English-Speaking Baptist Church to differentiate between the church and the Yoruba- Speaking First Baptist Church. Rev. Carlin, the founding pastor administered the church with the support of others, notable among them were Rev. Enoch T. Quartey and Rev. Dr. Boadi. Rev. Enoch T Quartey was then a student of the Ghana Baptist Theological Seminary who came over regularly assist in running the church. Also Rev. Dr. J.A Boadi then a student of the university of Ghana, and latter President and General Secretary respectively of the Baptist Convention. Rev. Dr. Boadi went further to become the interim pastor of the church.


IN 1968, the name of the church was changed from English speaking Baptist Church to the Calvary Baptist Church. This was after a committee was set up chose a name out of three suggested at that years business meeting held by the church. The members of the committee were Rev. and Mrs. Charles Maddox, Rev. Foster both missionaries, Mrs. Segbefia, Deacon Obeng, Kenneth Wujaangi, Joseph Agyeman Duah, George Mallet and Martin Cudjoe. Two notable people who contributed to the success of this missionary era were Mary Danny Stampley and Maxine Moseley from Mississippi and Alabama, USA respectively.

In 1971, the church relocated twice. First, it moved from the rented building to the then Accra Baptist and Communication centre (now Tesano Baptist Church). This building was purchased by the Baptist Mission and dedicated in 1971 as a day centre of the Ghana Baptist Mission. Later that same year, years as the church moved to the Orion cinema for Sunday morning service as a result of the increased membership of more than one hundred(100) people mostly between the  ages of fifteen(15) and thirty(30)  years.  However, Sundays and Wednesdays evening service were still held in the small auditorium of the Accra Baptist Centre. This arrangement continued till the end of 1793.