Teen’s Service

The Teen’s Service was inaugurated in 1995 to meet the spiritual, emotional and other needs of the teenagers in the church. Most of the members are graduates from the children’s ministry. The church organizes an annual Senior Camp meeting every August and a vacation Bible study for junior secondary School graduates for three months. The teens are graduated to adult service after going through a year of service when they complete their Senior Secondary School.

In these challenging times when teenagers easily become predisposed to peer pressure and the media, specifically the Internet, the Teen’s Service have been very helpful in keeping the young ones educated and informed in order to maintain their Christian values and focus to be productive to themselves, their families, the church and the nation. The importance of the annual vacation Bible School is evident in the desire of the young once to attain excellence in all that they do. the activities and enthusiasm of past students of this programme  impressed   the family of Mr. Bamidele Folarunsho Dada from Nigeria, who once were members of CBC, to establish the Dada Foundation that supports and promotes the yearly activities of the vacation Bible school.

For additional information about the Teen’s Service, Please contact;

Rev. Newell Ametorwobla

Tel: +233248570530