Prisons Visitation Ministry

The Prison Ministry is currently led by Rev. Victor Zormelo and a team. This team have permit to visit the Nsawam Male Prison, Nsawam Female Prison, Nsawam Condemned, James Camp-Accra and the Juvenile Correction Centre in Accra.


  • The Prison Ministry of CBC has membership that visits the Inmates on Sundays, Mondays; Wednesdays and Saturdays
  • Discipleship is our priority in the Prison ministry where Teaching, Preaching and Bible studies are key areas for ministry
  • Deliverance and Counseling sessions are held.
  • Social Actions are also carried out. These involve: donations of food items, Clothes, provisions, Talks and restorative justice. Interaction with families of some of the inmates;

To join the Prison Visitation Ministry, Please contact

Rev. Victor Zormelo 

Tel: +233243241367