Ga & Ewe Service

When It became necessary to consider another language service in addition to the akan service, the Senior Pastor, Rev. Dr. Fred Deegbe tasked the following; Rev. Emmanuel Annoh, Rev. Ray Degadzor; Deacon Stephen Elikem, late Emmanuel Hodor; Lawrence Aryitey; Torgbi Adonoo; Deaconess Caro Adumuah, late  Fred Lartey to consider ways of getting the language services in Ga and  Ewe started.

In the discussions and planning, it became obvious that instead of having separate services in  Ga,  and Ewe, there should be a one worship service were both languages are used  The members of the   Sunday Schools in Ga and Ewe unanimously agreed to this proposal.

the Ga and Ewe Service was  inaugurated on 27TH JULY 1997.  The main Speaker for the day was Rev. Dr. Fred Deegbe. Attendance for the inaugural service was 269.

The aim of the chapel is to worship God and to spread the Good News of Christ, build each other up into Christian maturity, hear and understand the Gospel in the Ga and Ewe language and to promote growth within the Calvary Baptist Church

The Leadership team comprises of Rev. Raynold Nunya Degadzor, Rev. Victor Zormelo Sunday School Teachers and seven Deacons.

Membership grew very fast within the first year from 169 on Sundays to 190 and then increased to 256 as at October 1998. This necessitated the moving of the Chapel from the initial meeting place, then “”Ga and Ewe Chapel” upstairs on the Educational Block to the main auditorium on 11th October 1998.

Between August –December 1997- 88 souls were won.  January-October 1998-103 souls were won.  The Chapel has still been involved in vigorous evangelism and number of souls won from 1997 to date have been baptized and actively serving in the Church and elsewhere.

The worship services on Sundays and attendance to midweek service has also grown fast. The chapel has a choir, a borborbor group three other Musical groups.

The Sunday School Groups has four Categories and nine groups. The categories are Ga Classes, Ewe Classes, English Class and Singles Class.The groups under  the Ga classes are Jehovah  Jireh, Jehovah Nissi, Jehovah Shalom. The groups under the Ewe classes are El-Olam, El-Shaddai, El-Shammah. The group under the English class is Jehovah Elohim and the singles class is Alfa and Omega. These nine groups have 32 teachers. The objective of the Sunday school is to be a: “Door Ways” or entry points for: Evangelism, Discipleship, Fellowship and care.  Enforcing sound Doctrine whilst correcting false doctrine and wrong behavior through the power of God’s Word; vibrant, interactive and participatory small groups that seek to increase knowledge about God and His ways, train believers in godly living as well as promote “A Can-Do” and transformational mindset (Titus 2:1; Hebrews 5:14, Ephesians 4:22-24);By the close of every lesson discussed, our members shall constantly mature in becom ing like Jesus Christ, active in service for Christ through their spiritual gifts and resources through the local Church; encourage the speaking and teaching in Ga and Ewe and to use the languages as medium of communication.

Over the years the entire membership has played a significant role in the development of the chapel. Notable among them are; Francis Torgbui Adonoo and Pastor Ray Degadzor, supported by Ellen Dzokoto, Anna Wensley, Margeret Agbanyo, Cynthia Agbanyo, Zacharia Adansi, Mabel Amemornu, Stella Cudjoe, Juliana Lokko, Fred Lartey, Esther Wellbeck, Anan Sarbah, Lawrence Ayitey, Caroline Adumoah, Francis Lamptey and Frank Nyamavor and many others space would not permit to mention.Mrs. Diana Mankwah- Mrs. Margaret Gavor- Representing Chapel on CED of C.B.CSis. Sylvia Quartey, Madam Eleanor QuistDeacon Robert Alemawor,   Bro. Ernest Atsu Lithur ,Rev. Victor Zormelo, Mrs. Eugenia Tetteh: Leader,Mrs.  Nocencia Monnie ,Madam Gladys Laryea, Mr & Mrs. Robert Decardi-Nelson, Madam Sylvia Quartey, Mrs. Nora Laryea, Miss. Mavis Cash-Abbey,Deacon Samuel Ogbarmey,Mrs. Margaret Gavor,Madam Peace Torkornoo, Miss Mary Dogbatse, Mrs. Esther Duncan, Mrs. Selina Degadzor,Mr. Joshua Mallet,Mr. Lawrence Aryitey,Mrs. Comfort Amoah,Bro. Ernest Atsu Lithur, Deacon Zachariah Adansi, Mr & Mrs. William & Selina Amoah,Deacon James Quartey,Bro. Vincent  Agbodra, Dianah Mankwah,Mrs. Selina Amoah, Ms. Leonora Torkornoo, Ms. Fafa  Amable and Mr. Noah Acolatse.

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