Land Acquisition

Rev. Carlin in 1964 started his search for the acquisition of a suitable land for a permanent church building. On 2nd June he personally applied on behalf of the Ghana Baptist Mission for a land at the Ring Road central. However, his time of service to the church was due so he left. Rev. James Foster was then the Baptist Mission Treasurer stationed at the north. He was transferred from the north to take over from Rev. Carlin and also to take up the position as the business manager of the Ghana Baptist Mission with land Acquisition as part of his duties.

On 21st August 1971, Rev James E. Foster applied to the Ministry of Lands and Mineral Resources for land. This application and seven other sent by the church did not get the needed favourable response. Among the unsuccessful locations were the Accra –Boundary Road Extension site, Kojo Thomson Road, Airport residential Area, Achimota Residential Area and the area behind the YMCA Hostel, the land behind Orion cinema. These applications were unsuccessful despite the advice of the Regional Town and Planning Officer that the church should go for land already earmarked by the city authorities for churches. The Baptist Mission, in whose name these request was being made became desperate and was prepared to acquire private or stool land. However, Rev. Foster favoured government land rather than private or stool land.

On 22nd February, 1972, Rev. Foster sent what happens to be the last application to the former Accra – Tema City Council for what he described as the only available site, on the Akasanoma Road. On 11th May, Rev. Foster again wrote a follow-up letter to the Chief Lands Officer, explaining that the City Engineer suggested the site on the Akasanoma Road this land was acquired by government on behalf of the Accra City Council for Boundary Road improvements and extension, but the city did not intend to use it. The said land was smaller than the desired land behind the Orion cinema however the location was good. On 16th May 1972, the chief lands officer passed on the appeal to the Accra –Tema City Council. At long last on the 23rd June 1972, the Accra-Tema City Council approved the application of the lease of the council’s land on the Akasanoma Road. On the 12th of July, 1972, The Accra planning Committee approved the site in principle should be development as a church. This gave Calvary Baptist access to the land. However, 1st July 1972 was fixed as the rent date.


The terms and conditions under which land was leased were as follows:

  1. Duration was 49 years subject to renewal
  2. Rental was C 840.00 per annum , therefore , payable quarterly in advance
  3. Development to be completed within two years. The draft agreement on the above as completed on 11th January 1973.