Education and Training

The missionaries considered education as necessary for both students and adult members of the church to understand the message of the bible and of the Church.  Training was also considered essential for good character building. This led to the formation of youth groups such as Royal Ambassadors and Lydia Ladies to enhance the educational and spiritual development of members.

Lydia Girls

Lydia Girls started as an organization within the Nigeria Baptist Women Missionary Union and was established in Calvary Baptist church by the missionaries. It was to enable young ladies to build pure spiritual lives through meditating on the word, prayer and fellowshipping together. They engaged in witnessing in hospital, schools, prisons, mission houses, institutions and homes.

Royal Ambassadors
The Royal ambassador was the training grounds for the young men. They carried out youth activities with other youth groups outside Calvary Baptist Church. They formed a youth football team in 1985 and they won many of their matches against other teams.  During the Silver Jubilee Celebration match of the Ghana Baptist Convention in 1988, they won and this brought fame to the Church.

Sunday School Department

The Sunday School Department also provided   education, training for the spiritual development of both children and adult members of the church. By 1989 the Children Department organized eight classes in English and Twi and Ga. B were also also being catered for. Unfortunately these services runed into some difficulties in the care of the babies because some parent were using the place as crèche. The adult classes were design throughout the expansion period to help explain the foundations of the Christian faith as described in the bible. To ensure that the bible studies were making an impact, quiz programme were organized in such a way that it served as fun time for the church.