About Us

Calvary Baptist Church has come a long way from its humble beginnings in 1964 to the glory of God and through the efforts of missionaries from the United States of America south Baptist convention.

The management of the church was later handed over to the local congregation and the search for a senior pastor ended with the appointment of Rev. Alfred Stevenson. The appointment of Rev. Steven saw the beginnings of the rapid expansion and recognition of the church in Ghana and abroad. Under the leadership of Alfred stevenson the church reviewed its corporate worship programmes, evangelism and incorporated other activities that attracted more people; among them were new converts and Christians from other denominations who made the church their “home” or preferred place or worship.

The revival, good work and rapid expansion started by Rev. Stevenson was firmly upheld by the council of ministers who took over from where he left off at the end of his appointment. Rev. Fred Deebge, who came in as the senior pastor after him also held on to this good work together with his team of ministers. The intensity of their devotion to revival and expansion gave it a precise form and structure.

Under the leadership of Rev. Fred Deegbe, the number of branches increased. Calvary Family members were meeting in Akoto lante , Adenta, Nsawan, Teshie, Awoshie, and Nungua on Sunday mornings for service.  However, as children grow and leave home, some of these churches grew, became established and were sent off to be on their own.

Over the years, there have been changes in the times and increase in the number of services held at Adabraka. At present, we have Ga and Ewe service, Akan service, International service, Teens service and youth service. All these services are held at different times every given sunday.  The activities of auxiliaries have also increased and new ones have been created, for instance the golden agers ministry and the hospitality ministry among others. This is to meet the needs of the growing church. As time tagged along, special projects where initiated by the church Some of these project where completed years ago and others are still ongoing.  These projects  include the  physical expansion of Adabraka church building, acquisition of land and construction of Shiashie campus, Calvary credit union, Calvary leadership institute(CLI).

Some have outgrown the church and have become autonomous an example is the Calvary Baptist Credit Union.

Calvary Baptist Church has moved into a new era. After helping the branches to establish themselves as independent churches under the Ghana Baptist Convention, the Church has moved into a new form of administration. Now we have Calvary Baptist Church as one unit with three different campuses. Adabraka, Shiashie and Bortianor.

This is how far the lord has brought us.

Still pressing on to victory in Jesus



  1. Must be a believer: One who has repented of his/her sins and accepted Jesus Christ as his/her Lord and Saviour. John 1;12, John 14:6, Rom 10;9-10
  2. Must be baptized by immersion.
  3. Must be voted upon and accepted by the church members.
  4. Mode of Acceptance
  5. By Baptism: The new convert or the person who has not been baptized by immersion or who was baptized in his/her infancy without knowing the Lord Jesus Christ but has now been born again in baptized by immersion in the Local Baptist Church where he/she is seeking membership.
  6. By transfer of membership per letter from the former church, the Local Baptist Church (where the person is seeking membership) has to gather the necessary information eg. When the person became a member of the church or when he/she was baptized in the church upon receiving the letter of transfer from the persons former church and the letter that the person is in good standing and has been recommended by his/her former church for acceptance into the local Baptist church, he is formally voted upon and accepted into membership by the local Baptist church.
  7. By statement in the absence of 1 and 2 above, a person can apply for church membership by statement. The individual’s application letter should clearly state that he/she is born again, baptized by immersion and where possible attach a photocopy of his/her baptismal certificate. Thorough investigation should be conducted by the receiving church on the candidate before voting to accept him or her into membership.
  8. People who fellowship with a Baptist church but have not declared their intention of becoming members of that local church are regarded as regular visitors.
  9. Associate membership status: This may be granted to Christians, foreign national and Ghanaians living abroad of like-minded faith that apply and show commitment through faithful attendance and participation in the church programs and activities and giving of tithes and other offerings in support of the church while they are in Ghana for short periods.